…to help your business win more sales.

We talk

  • About how a new home page, web page, case study, blog post or whatever, can help you.
  • Ways to use it
  • Ways to promote it
  • I’ll quote you a price
  • You’ll accept it

We get ready

  • Fill out an online worksheetlike this one, to get thoughts and ideas out of your head
  • I’ll wordsmith-the-hell-out-of-it, in plain English, to create and tell your story
  • We’ll review and refine it a couple/few times

…making it absolutely clear- how you help people solve their expensive business problems.

We create

Based on our worksheets and discussions…

  • I’ll start writing your copy, firing up another online document
  • I’ll add pictures, testimonials and other items within the copy as placeholders. You’ll see your baby develop as your story unfolds. Clearly. Concisely. Visually, too. Like this one.
  • I’ll share and show progress daily, for us to ‘nail it’
  • Again, we’ll review and refine it. We’ll work together as I incorporate your feedback.

What you get

What I really do is help business owners and leaders get clear about their business.

Then we use that clarity to message your tribe. You’ll get:

  • A well formatted worksheet as the foundation of our work. Use this in your sales calls and for future copy.
  • Your killa-copy, optimized and beautified. Use this to hand over to your designers, then, code it up on your site. Or, hire me to do this for you, like this.
  • A tiered elevator pitch, succinctly stating your ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’. Use this to think and speak clearly to leads and prospects.

When you get it


  • You fill out the questionnaire: a couple hours
  • I translate it into a worksheet: a day, maybe two
  • We meet to review and refine it: an hour, probably less
  • We (mostly me, sometimes you) write the copy: 2-4 days

Add in a couple-to-few 30-minute, online, working sessions to ensure your great copy and outcome.

Ready to be designed and implemented on your site. In 4-7 business days, a couple-to-few hours of your time. Done iteratively. Allowing us to make small vs. large course corrections. No surprises. Just what you want. And need.

What’s required of you

Time for me to get stern.

If you’re looking to throw a few ideas over-the-digital-fence and have me write you da Vinci quality copy… well, that’s not gonna work. There’s plenty of other copywriters you can find if you want to limit your time… and limit your results.

Collaborating creates the best copy for your business. When you stay involved, we both succeed.

For us to work together, it’s required. This is a good thing.

Okay, said my piece. Now back to me being Mr. 💙-able.

Yes? Then gimmie some…

No? Then I stink at being a writer- fire me right now.

“…sharing and showing progress daily…”

“We hired Todd (again) to create a visual summary for the book, ‘2$ a Day’. Todd laid out a simple process for us to focus on the content first. We collaborated, making edits together to create our story. Todd then applied images and whitespace to create the “visual-one-pager”, sharing and showing progress daily, again, so I could suggest changes AS this deliverable was being developed. Todd listened and incorporated changes elegantly into this business and artwork piece.”

~ Alicia Huguelet, Senior Director of Public Policy at Greater Chicago Food Depository

Let’s do this

Contact me now for us to collaborate on your important story- to get your business noticed and win more sales.