Life’s too short to state things poorly

So don’t
I write copy to help your people ‘get it’ sooner, faster, better.

Two Writing Peeves

1) Blah blah blah

I’m amazed how often the stuff we read on the web is too verbose, mundane, meandering, without purpose, and jargon-laden.

This makes things difficult to understand.

People stop reading and move on to click elsewhere.

Statistically speaking… this probably applies to your stuff

I’m just sayin’.

2) More blah blah blah

About web copy, consider this blurb on a typical consulting site:

“Our Project Managers are expert communicators who provide end to end service for project based and program based support. You can expect our team to always bring clarity and order to your work, while driving the results you need with a right-sized amount of rigor vs. agility.”

Really? Do people talk like that?

Of course not.

Yet people and businesses write like this all across the web. Many online businesses sound the same, yet state very little.

What a great way to present oneself as a commodity.

And, businesses write too much about what they do. No-one cares. People do care about the value they can get from what you do.

Why is this a problem?

If people don’t understand you immediately, they’ll leave without knowing how you can help them.

If you sound like everyone else, you’ll blend in versus stand out.

If you create a dull experience, they’ll leave without a strong impression of your business, product or service.

If you don’t explain how you can solve their problem, they’ll find someone else who can.

In other words, you’ll make less money by losing more sales…

…and not even know it.

Hi! I’m Todd Clarke

I’m a consultant who writes to help your people ‘get it’ sooner, faster, better.


Because people develop trust and use your services when they understand you immediately, clearly, and simply.


I write web copy to clearly explain your business, products and services.

In plain English, no jargon, no brain translation. Even Mom will understand what expensive problems you solve for people (she’ll be so proud).

SEO will get you eyeballs

I’ll help you keep them. Otherwise, they’ll leave as fast as they arrived.

What good is that?

“…laser clear, simply stated…”

“Todd helped us get laser-clear, simply-stated, on how we help our community with our company product and services. Todd re-wrote the most crucial portions of our website, stating things at the ‘gut-level’. Not only do we have a well-stated, well-organized site- we now have a useful story, that’s easy to tell.”

~ Tom Watson, CEO, AMI

Consider this

…for the stuff you write next time (see my responses for this site):

What experience do you want to create?

I want to inspire you to relate well with your audience.

I want you to feel there’s a better way to sound, state and speak to your leads, prospects and clients. The world is too P.C. and homogenous. This makes life dull and mundane. But you got soul. If nothing else™, make your soul jump off the page, stating things clearly, simply and, please… in plain English.

⟩ What experience do YOU want to create for people visiting your website?

What purpose do you want to achieve?

I want you to learn how I can help you win more sales.

The purpose of this page is to give you enough inspiration and information to make a good decision.

How? By showing and sharing writing examples and concepts about persuasive copy. And, what it’s like to work with me, how much it might cost, and what you could gain.

If I do this well, you’ll probably call me to help you with your writing needs. We’ll see.

⟩ What purpose do YOU want to achieve for your home or landing page?

What expensive problem will you solve?

You will get an ROI for my services.

One of my tag lines: “I’m a consultant who writes.” Meaning…

I’ll ask you questions about your business. We’ll do some math. Such questions will help us determine if working together makes dollars and sense, for both of us.

⟩ What expensive problem can YOU solve for your prospects? And how well will you state it?

“…simple process and follow through…”

“ We hired Todd to write a detailed, technical blog post. We gave him an outline, he gave us an accurate, coherent, fun, informative post (backed by data) to help our readers make a good choice for their business. We then hired him to write six long-form landing pages. I appreciate his simple process and follow-through at all times.

~Nate McGuire, Co-founder, Code My Views

You have a voice.

Let me help you sound like you.

Please check out my…




Then, contact me to see how I can help you get noticed.

I’ll get back to you pronto. I promise.