Some examples of my writing services

Following is a short list, by categories. Copy only, prior to design (in most cases).

Which you can learn here. Then peruse my samples with this in mind.

Home Pages

Sometimes a home page is to direct visitors to the other pages. Other times, it’s to tell an important story from the start. Like these:

Service Pages

More persuasive copy to clearly explain a business’s products and services:

Promo Pages

  • Clear over clever
  • Plain English that the reader will understand, including Mom
  • No superlatives or baseless claims
  • Strong on the active voice
  • Easy for the reader to skim and scan
  • Nice use of headers too, don’t ya think?

Tech Pages

Some writing examples to educate. Or, to explain the technical in simple terms. All backed by data.

Visual One Pagers

Huh? What’s that? Well…