Getting noticed is a step closer to winning more sales.

Check out some of my best writing services. Offered as low-risk, fixed-price packages. If you don’t find what you need contact me to customize a solution for your business. 

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Website Content Audit

Feeling anything but awesome about your web site?

I’ll write it up, giving you unbiased feedback for what works, what doesn’t, and why. Contact me to get an accurate estimate for your site and needs.

❱ Starts at $450. Contact me to learn more

120 Minute Strategy Call

Looking for changes to your web site content and strategy, yet feeling overwhelmed by it all?

I’ll help you create a plan to replace your inner ‘aargh’ with an external ‘yahooey’. How? 1) We’ll identify your biggest pains. 2) Determine how much those pains are costing you. 3) Brainstorm possible options. 4) Prioritize them according to an expected ROI. You’ll come away from this meeting knowing your next best action to take, backed by math.

❱ $499 Contact me to get started

Case Studies

Have you recently created a great outcome for your client?

Want to show off that work to other leads on your business-radar, and convert them to paying customers? Let’s create a case study explaining the whatwhy and how of it all, including the results you produced. Use this as a selling tool to get more of those big-dollar projects. Nothing earns more trust than showing people- you’ve ‘done this before’.

❱ $999 Contact me to get started

Web Page Content

How do you get noticed when the noise is deafening and the signal is weak?

Well… make it so your people ‘get it’ right away when they come to your site. Just doing that will go a long way, since most of your competitors don’t. For your site visitors- we’ll make it ridiculously obvious on your home or sales page: 1) how your product or service will solve their expensive problems and; 2) what specific action they should to take next. I’ll help you state this with gut-level clarity, converting your visitors into quality leads.

❱ Starts at $1499 Learn more

Monthly Copywriting and Direction

Does your company need on-going guidance, writing and coaching to keep up with your content needs?

For home pages, landing pages, case studies, blog posts, email campaigns and more, I can be your go-to guy. This monthly service will help you achieve your goals, even if you do not yet have a marketing director or copywriter in-house.

❱ Starts at $8,400/month Contact me for details

“…an extended sales tool… saving me hours from having to explain things myself…”

“Todd’s process made me think deeply about my business. It also helped me become clear, freeing up my mind to focus on the few vs the many. Within a couple days, Todd created my new home page to entice parents to sign their kids up for my Parkour courses. This serves as an extended sales tool and will save me hours of having to explain it myself, over and over. Todd calls himself ‘a consultant who writes’. Damn straight. Thanks, Todd for the clarity in so many ways.””

~ Curt Jordan, Founder of Kong Academy

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