Thanks for your interest

Thanks for showing an interest in my work.

I have a few things to say and share.

I want to help you get noticed with great copywriting.

Kind of difficult though when we humans get bombarded with:

  • 105,000 words a day
  • 23 words per second, equating to…
  • 34 gigabytes of information

I didn’t make that up.

So then… how do you get noticed when the noise is deafening, the signal weak?


Make it so your people ‘get it’ right away when they come to your site

Just doing that will go a long way, since most of your competitors don’t.

I’ll write copy to explain your business, products and services with ‘gut-level’ clarity.

You want someone to clearly understand what they will get from what you do, right?

Then it’s up to you to convert them to a paying client.

Science + art = persuasive copy

Inspire one to read, not ignore, your copy

How? Here’s one approach I use:

Grab their attention + let them know what expensive problem you solve. A tagline and sub tagline work well for this.

Immediately relate well with your intended audience. State what they’re going through.

Make it obvious how you will solve their woes.

Show the process of how you’ll work together.

Share social proof, using testimonials to reduce risk in the reader’s mind.

Proactively handle objections, because the reader is thinking about them.

Sprinkle calls-to-action. You want your reader to take a specific and intended action (e.g. request demo, buy now, call us). Give them multiple chances to opt in.

To improve readability

Break up the text, rather than intimidate the reader with a wall of words. Use pictures and whitespace, too. Duh.

People have become good at scanning. They have to, right? Help them with headers, bullets, bolding, short sentences and paragraphs.

Write in the active voice. They call it ‘active’ for a reason.

Link each section together, telling your coherent and useful story.

Of course, this depends on your specific needs. But you get the idea, right?

“…simple process… frequent, short check-ins…“

“We hired Todd to create a visual one-page book summary for “Scarcity” by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir. We wanted a poster to use online and in person to communicate these ideas–and knew Todd could help us get there. Todd used a simple process–involving daily shared media, frequent, short check-ins, and shared online documentation- to help us VERY quickly iterate towards a rad + elegant final product.“

~ Brian Kerr, Senior Consultant, Koné Consulting

Some examples

A few examples of some recent client work (copy only, prior to design):

Want to see more? Sure you do.

Clients like it. Business is good.

Some costs

Current costs for some of my services:

  • Landing pages: $499 – $1199. Short to long forms.
  • Blog posts: $399 – $599
  • Articles: $599 – $1499

We can get specific based on your needs. Call me.

Am I worth it?

Let’s find out.

Say, on average…

1) A new client is worth $2500 to you.

2) You talk to four leads before they become a paying client.

So, each new lead is worth $625 ($2500/4) in your pocket.

Q: How many new leads a month might you attract with a new killer-content page? A page making it easy for the reader to ‘get it’ immediately, then contact you, making them a highly qualified ‘lead’.

One, four, eight?

Let’s say two. That’s $1250 ($625 per lead * 2) more revenue per month. $15,000 in the first year.

Plug in some numbers that make sense for your business. Guess, if you don’t know. You’ll get better and more scientific over time.

Is my cost worth those gains?

It needs to be, for us to work together.

You could find someone cheaper to write your content. ‘Copywriters’ are a dime a dozen. But…

You don’t want ‘just content’. You want content to convert prospects to highly qualified leads. Then, do your magic to convert them to paying customers.

That’s what I do, convert readers to leads.

Contact me now to help you win more sales with great copy.